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Mission: S.O.A.R. of Greene County is about all things aviation. We are a group of aviation enthusiasts as well as professionals who realize the value of a community airport. It is a place where a young boy or girl "can catch the bug" and maybe start their journey on a career path in aviation. Small community airports are the places those dreams take shape.

Vision: Greene County airport (KWAY) provides excellent services and facilities for recreational, business and medical aviators, passengers, and their aircraft. 

See that smiling face in the picture above? Max is one of the members of our group.  He should be happy since he has reached the pinnacle of his career, flying as a Captain for a major United States airline.  He has provided service to many continents. But he started out, as many others, becoming a private pilot at Greene County Airport.

How and why does a young man or woman become a professional pilot? Often times, the how begins at a small rural airport like Greene County.  The whys include flying us to destinations around the world, protecting us flying in our military, or saving lives flying a medical helicopter.

Several other commercial, corporate, and military pilots, past and current, live in the area. Most, like Max, received some or all of their initial training at the Greene County Airport.  No folks, there is not some giant training center creating the pilots who fly you to places local and throughout the world.  They are, and always have been, just regular kids who start with a dream, and work hard and follow it.

Greene County Airport continues to provide services for government, business, and emergency medical transportation, as well as recreation, and we hope to help it stay that way. 

We at S.O.A.R., our partner organizations, and the local Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 842, have provided both free and well below cost rides in donated aircraft with volunteer pilots for several years at various local airports.  We have also been helpful in bringing both modern and historic aircraft for static viewing and other community aviation-related education projects. We hope in the future to provide scholarships and other functions to ensure that our local airport continues to remain vital county infrastructure.

It is our belief that our county airport is a tremendous asset and an integral part of our community.  A modern airport in a visible location showcases our county as an area that is economically viable and growing. The county airport, any county airport, once gone, will likely never be replaced, and when that happens, it will be some other kid's dream, in another place in America that is fulfilled, and that is what we do not want to be "about"!

In cooperation with the Greene County Commissioners, below are the S.O.A.R. priorities as envisioned in 2011:


Near term priority actions:


  • The airport should be viewed as part of the economic/business sector and not just for recreation.With that in mind, the airport management should be moved from the Department of Recreation back to the Department of Community Development.

  • In regards to increased traffic from oil/coal/natural gas development, Jet A fuel needs to be added to the fuel farm.There is an empty tank where fuel used to be and should be renovated.

  • The price of fuel should always be competitive with surrounding airports.

  • Market the airport to the 18,000 PA pilots and 62,000 surrounding area pilots.

  • Apply for grants for airport improvements to the runway and taxi surfaces.

  • Canvass businesses and National Guard unit at Evergreene Technology Park and determine what needs the airport can address.

  • Surrounding airports, such as Washington, Rostraver, and Garrett County MD are expanding because communities and residents view them as an important part of their infrastructure, even though some do not have the benefit of potential natural gas business.  A delegation should be sent to find out why they are successful and note where airport authorities have played a role in that success.

  • Consider a lease with the airport restaurant that stipulates it remain open until 9 pm in summer; 6 pm in winter.

  • Remodel the pilot lounge with new furniture and carpet, satellite television, wireless internet access, a pilot weather service, and additional vending machines that include snacks.

  • Work with S.O.A.R. and EAA to conduct an annual Airport Day to garner community support for the airport.



Longer term priority actions:


  • Implement the master plan that was developed for the airport.

  • Appoint a 5-member Franklin Township/Greene County Airport Joint Authority to manage the airport master plan implementation, and the airport.

  • Establish a fixed based operator (FBO) at the airport.This would solve many of the airport problems.One solution would be to solicit a corporate sponsor for such an operation, for example, like in Summersville WV.The FBO would also run a flight training school.

  • Explore the option of privatizing and selling north side lots for Hangar Homes.

  • Work with Waynesburg University or Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics and county Career and Technology Center to develop an FAA Part 141 Pilot School at the airport.

  • Work with Westmoreland County Community College to create an accredited Private Pilot ground school.

  • Transform the fuel farm into a self-service facility, open 24 hours a day, and accepting major credit and debit cards.(This goal has been completed).

  • Install a system for pilot-activated runway lights.


We ask that you consider our ideas and share our vision to ensure the future of this important asset in our county.  We ask that you partner with us in this endeavor to have a thriving county airport that makes a positive first impression on visitors to Greene County.  We want you to view the airport as a valuable asset to the burgeoning gas industry.  S.O.A.R. stands ready to assist anyone in the community in any way we can to help our county grow and its people prosper. 



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