Aviation Day 2020

Canceled for this year

Very sorry folks.  For some perspective, a human lung cell is approximately 100 times larger than a single COVID-19, but that tiny virus has left a path of destruction along the air show circuit, with most events both large and small closing for this year.  Perhaps a person willing to wing walk could social distance enough to go for a ride in a light aircraft, but there would likely be few takers.  

A bit more sad news, the C-54, the aircraft some of you have seen at Greene County reenacting the Berlin Airlift "Candy Bomber" routine, was severely damaged by a tornado click here for more informationWe sincerely hope Tim and the crew can bring the "SPIRIT OF FREEDOM" back to airworthiness.  The Berlin Airlift was truly one of the remarkable events in history, much praise to The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation for their effort in keeping the story alive and well!




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