Aviation Day 2020

We have set the final dates for our 2020 Aviation Day event, Aug Aug. 15th & 16th!

Please note that the dates above could change if the current Covid-19 virus persists, but we remain hopeful it will be mostly in the rear view mirror by then, and that all of you will have escaped its wrath.  Click over on the right for the 2019 flyer for now as this year will be similar to 2019.

The Spirit Of Freedom, a C-54 cargo aircraft of the type used in the 1948-49 Berlin Airlift will be returning this year.

Click here for more about the aircraft and the airlift. 

Click here for a short video of a previous candy drop.

Here for the C-54 landing at Waynesburg

And here for the entire SOAR YouTube site

An open cockpit radial engine biplane, the 1928 Travel Air, Miss Marianna will also be returning.  The lovely Travel Air can accommodate two passengers in the front seat with limitations (375 pounds total for two passengers, and 275 pounds for one passenger), for more information please visit their web site and Facebook pages.

Stay in touch, updates for 2020 will be posted as things progress.








 Click on the picture above to see more of them from past events

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