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Think it's sometimes a pain to wait (and wait) in one of those long summer Customs lines?  Yes it was a long flight, maybe from Israel, or China, you are tired and grubby and just want to get home.  Well, this is a real document, filled out many years ago, talk about a long flight!  This form was dug out from their archives and posted for the the anniversary on the US Customs and Border Protection web site to show a little self deprecating humor.                                           



Happy 25th Birthday to the EAA Young Eagles Program!!  

And to honor the historic anniversary, Mr. Judy and the crew, EAA Chapter 842 and the host of nameless volunteers carried on the tradition at Hart Field in Morgantown WV on 6-17-17.  Thanks to everyone who made this a special day for the kids, and to the sponsors, staff, and countless others for keeping the Young Eagles alive and well for a quarter of a century. Click here for some pictures of the event




BasicMed, Third Class Aeromedical Reform is here!! 


2-5-17  The long wait is over, the major advocates playing in the general aviation sand box, the EAA and the AOPA joined forces several years ago, and with the success of the Sport Pilot rule, now mature enough to show statistical success with using a current drivers license to replace entirely a third class medical, it was their hope that a simpler but equally effective form of medical could be created for pilots flying recreationally in nearly all the rest of the general aviation fleet.  Last year congress passed and the president signed into law a larger aviation related bill which included third class aeromedical reform.  Starting on May 1st  2017, those who qualify, and wish to give the new kid on the block a go, what the FAA has termed BasicMed, can do so if they desire.  The highlights of the reform measure are that you will now have a choice, go to the traditional approved aeromedical doctor after completing the online form and get the usual third class medical, or go to virtually any doctor and get a general physical exam and use the BasicMed process instead.  One benefit for us in the "mature" crowd will be only having to visit a doc every four years instead of every two.  That  every four year visit does come with an asterisk beside it though, if you choose the reform version you must have a current drivers license, and also must take what is being termed as an aeromedical education course online every two years.  Typically though, such online training courses can be done anytime 24/7, are not exactly a pass or fail test (unless you don't do it) but rather information related to the subject, in this case aeromedical issues, and the online course will also be free of charge.   Unlike the current system, no information regarding your health is passed on to the FAA, if your doctor decides that you are unfit to fly you will not be automatically placed into a special issuance situation, you can get another opinion, and or correct any major health problems until you are good to go.  Most reasonable people would not choose to fly anyway if a major health issue arises, and in fact self regulation is what we all currently do anyway.   From the moment we leave the airmedical docs office until it is time to renew again, and this applies to any class medical, it is generally up to us to decide if we are fit to fly.

There is much more information out there, and no doubt more to come as folks actually start using the new system, so rather than drone on, it would probably be best to provide some links below to places that will stay up to date and can provide a much more detailed explanation of BasicMed.  Just know that it is here, stay informed and up to date as it progresses, and by all means use it if it will work better for your situation.


PSA Airlines First Officer

Congratulations to the brand new PSA Airlines First Officer in training and S.O.A.R. board member Richard Judy!!!

The Very First Air Force One

The Very First Air Force One, a Lockheed Constellation, May Be Coming To An Airport Near You!!  click here for more information



2-6-17 Private Pilot Ground School


Don't Let This Chance Slip By!  A Private Pilot Ground School is being offered for those wanting to attend on February 6, 2017 in Waynesburg PA.  For more information please call Jeff at 724-998-6973. (and click here for a flyer with more details) This is an excellent opportunity for anyone considering or currently taking flight instruction.  Greene County residents and those from the surrounding area (or from anywhere) are welcome to sign up, first come first serve.  Please spread the word around!  If you've missed this class, call anyway, there may be another offered if there are enough interested students.