Pilots Register  1940s-60s


Click on the picture to the right to read the sign in pages of a Pilots Register from the Greene County Pa airport's old administration building.  Anone having a connection to aviation in the area from the 1940s to 60s may recognize a name. There is also one very special guest on the first page.

Tourism and the traveler


 If you are flying or driving through the area for business or pleasure, click on the thumbnail below to load a PDF pamphlet with information regarding hotels and restaurants, most within a mile or so of the airport.  You may also want to contact Greene County Tourism for information at this link: or through the Greene County PA page here:


New Lodging not listed in the brochure:

Hampton Inn

227 Greene Plaza

Waynesburg, PA  15370




Commercial Business or "Other"



 While we at SOAR do not in any way speak for the County government, in past discussions, there was interest in inviting a commercial aviation entity, flight school, an aviation-associated education program, medical helicopter, or other group that would grow the current airport base and help to keep it alive and well. This airport, like a lot of rural county airports around the nation, has a relatively low amount of traffic in the pattern at any given time, is a non-tower field with a nice long East-West paved runway, and 24/7 100 LL fuel available.  These assets make it ideal for primary flight instruction.

It is also located in the heart of the Marcellus shale gas region, only a mile or so from the Waynesburg PA exit of I 79, and would be a great place to build a hangar and locate a corporate King Air or Jet Ranger.  Anyone with any interest should contact the county government and request a sit-down discussion.  Here is a link to the County's Economic development page:

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