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  • AirVenture The world's best air show by most standards.



  • EAA:  The Experimental Aircraft Association, the best advocacy organization for home built aircraft of all types.



  • AOPA:  Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.  Excellent place for those whose primary interest is general aviation. AOPA often partners with the EAA on issues near and dear to both.



  • 100LL:   Nice simple site to find the current avgas prices in all 50 states. 


  •  Air-bum:    Budd Davission may enjoy the moniker of "Air Bum", but lazy he is not. If you need to know how to land a Pitts or any of the "Muscle Biplanes", he has been teaching it for 40 years.  He is also the editor of Flight Journal Magazine, teaches aerobatics on the side, and does many other things, when he's not bumming around.


  • The FAA:  Its mission statement is We Are Not Happy Until You Are Not Happy.  Seriously folks, most of the people who run the FAA love to fly just like you and can be very helpful.  The procedures it has implemented over the years have resulted in an envious safety record, especially in commercial air travel.  As is often said, the most dangerous part of flying with the airlines is the drive to the airport, and that, pardon the pun, is no accident.


  • The West Virginia CAP:  The Civil Air Patrol has a rich history in aviation here in the USA, and some members of SOAR, gluttons for punishment, volunteer across both groups.  Don't give up on mankind.  There are lots of men and women, and boys and girls, doing great work out there.  If you can find the time, join in and help them.

  • Washington Flyers Club:  Our mirror image 25 miles or so to the north. It does similar to what SOAR does at its county airport, AFJ, and has been doing it longer. 


  • Sky Dive Pa:  A group we have tried to include in our Aviation Day events, and they have tried to make it, but so far mother nature has not cooperated with blue skies and light winds.  But we will both keep trying.  Located near Grove City, it is an excellent place to fulfill your bucket list by doing a tandem parachute jump with them.

  • Pittsburgh Soaring Association:   Sailplane instruction and rental in the the Southwestern PA area since 1964, click on the link for more information.


  • National War Plane Museum: Geneseo, NY.  Great place, lots of warbirds, and, it's the home of Whiskey 7, an honest-to-goodness D-Day Veteran C-47. Even if you cannot make it there for a visit, the website is a good read.  As is the case with most folks who do this sort of thing, they put forth an amazing amount of effort, mostly by volunteers, to keep the few remaining WWII aircraft flying and traveling the world, as living history museums. We sincerely thank them for the effort.


  • Social Flight:  Yes, there is an app for that.  Social media with the primary focus on aviation. It's a good place to post an event or gathering. 


  • AV Web:  Solid web site covering all things aviation. If it's not talked about here, it's most likely not worth talking about.


  • AirNav:  If you are heading out on a cross country flight, it's never a bad idea to double check your route and destination on AirNav.


  •  NTSB: report on US Airways Flight 1549 that ditched in Hudson



















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