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Self Service Fuel

Greene County Airport now has 24/7 self-service 100 LL at the field.  The county installed a credit/debit card reader to the existing fuel farm a few years ago, much to the delight of those who like to fly during a late summer evening.

Runway and Ramp Repavement  10-2010

During October 2010, the main runway and ramp were repaved with a “high-tech” top coat used on many of America’s Interstate Highways.  It is a cheaper alternative that can be used when the sub-base is sound, but pot holes, cracks, and other imperfections still exist, and are in need of improvement.

New  Hangars

About the end of August 2014, the general contractor should be nearing completion of 10 new “T” hangars, along with maintenance and community buildings.  Upon completion of the hangars, the older hangars, dating from the 1940s to the 1970s, will be removed and the land will be available for leasing.  Restaurants, hotels, or other facilities that developers may build will be accessible to aircraft currently kept at the field, as well as for travelers and the general public.  It is possible that there may be a few hangars open for rental.  Anyone interested in renting a new hangar should contact Greene County at



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