There is an old saying, actually there are a lot of old sayings, but one in particular goes something like this,  If you need something done quickly, ask a busy person to do it.  Sounds sort of counter intuitive, but the message is, people who excel in one area of life, in most cases, do equally well at other endeavors.  Successful people are very driven and efficient, and seem able to complete multiple tasks, often before lunch, which would take the rest of us mortals days to even get started.  Fortunately, we have in our group several such people, and from time to time we will highlight some of them on this page.  We promise, no pictures of mom or dad with the kids at Disneyworld, and absolutely no cat pictures. There must be, however thin, an aviation connection.








Bob Redinger 




Bob and his equally talented better half have been volunteering for many years at our local airport.  They are prime examples of if you need something done, ask a very busy person.  Rather than go through the usual boilerplate of life history and education, to be asked to join this team in the link that follows is confirmation enough of anyone's credentials.   While this web site features a serious scientific experiment, one can expect that future generations will be making tandem jumps that we can only dream of today.  And on the topic of skydiving, it's good to remember one more famous old saying, You do not need to wear a parachute to skydive, unless of course you want to do it twice!  Please take a look at what Bob and the team have been working on. It is a fascinating approach to offering a near space experience, one that very well could be affordable to us regular folks, whether scientist or civilian, in the not too distant future. You may have to be as rich as Elton John and other celebs to consider space travel right now, but experiments like this could very well have your young children's children putting it on their Christmas wish lists in the future .  http://www.paragonsdc.com/stratex/ 


And this is Bob's next project he will be helping to make a reality, equally if not more exciting.  We wish we were still sleeping in a crib. If that were so, we would have a chance to add this to our wish list:  http://worldviewexperience.com/







Jeff Halliday




We want to give a big heartfelt congratulations to Jeff on his recent retirement from the FAA!  He is "Mr. credentials" when it comes to all things aviation: United States Army helicopter pilot flying Hueys in the Vietnam years, Certified Flight Instructor, Tailwheel Endorsement, A & P mechanic with Inspection Authorization, and a long, distinguished service with the Federal Aviation Administration. Jeff has many, many hours of volunteer time under his belt over the years.  There are countless kids who have been given free Young Eagles rides in his Cessna 170 and other aircraft with him at the controls.  He has always been there when called upon, a stalwart supporter of our Aviation Day events, service to his country, his family, and his community where ever his hat was hanging at the time.  We cannot thank him enough for his work with SOAR and his efforts with the EAA in past years.  He did a spectacular job restoring the Cessna 170, which he now flies regularly.  In a famous line from the movie Saving Private Ryan, an aging Ryan asks his wife, "Have I been a good man?"  We will answer that, yes Jeff you have, and I doubt anyone will disagree. 


The SOAR organization has but one last request, a final mission for Jeff.  Sleep in, stay off the roads when it snows, travel now for pleasure only and spend some quality time with the 170 and your family! 


You can view some pictures of Jeff and his retirement party here:  Jeff's Retirement Party


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